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Cypher Town

We are a hip hop association based in Budapest whose main target is to spread the value of hip hop and organising worldclass event in the heart of Budapest.


Future plans

After Cypher Town’s first hip hop festival in May 2023 we just decided to open our very first dance school in Budapest. We have our new HQ which is the one and only, the best.. Off Kultur (1045 Budapest, Berni utca 1.).
Feel free to contact us about the details!

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Hip Hop school

From September 2023, Cypher Town will open its very first dance school.


Besides the dance school we are going to have our own hip hop party from September.

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Hip Hop culutre. Based in Budapest. Together we can grow faster!

Email: info@cyphertownhungary.com

Call Anytime: +36(30) 526 6840