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We have already announced some of the staff members. Check them out and make sure to plan your trip to Hungary in advance!

Important information

This year we are going to have 8 categories. To secure your place we suggest to complete the registration AND grab your ticket as well! 


On the 20th of May:
1. Breaking
a, 7 to smoke KIDS
b, 7 to smoke BGIRL
c, Cypher Town 1vs1 Pre-Selection
d, World Breaking Classic OPEN Qualifier Pre-Selection

2. All Style
a, 2vs1 All Style
b, 1vs1 house
c, 1vs1 hiphop

On the 21st of May:
1. Breaking
a, Cypher Town 1vs1 TOP 16
b, World Breaking Classic Qualifier TOP 16

More information coming soon!


Just like each and every year we are going to have workshop day of Cypher Town. This year the date is 19th of May.

You’ll be able to choose from 6 workshops so get ready to learn! More information about the workshops coming soon!

Location: Offkultur (1045 Budapest, Berni utca 1.)

Cypher Town & World Breaking Classic Eastern & Central European OPEN Qualifier 2023
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